19 outubro 2009

Lago Enol - Picos da Europa

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  1. mas que paisagens heim.............muito boa......a névoa da um ar todo diferente, sempre quis fazer uma foto assim ....

  2. Looks like everyone is doing mountain lakes these days, ;-)
    I like the compostion, the green patch in the foreground is nice.

    Where is this lake?

  3. Hello thanks for the comments
    This is Lake Enol, in montains Picos da Europa (Spain) :-)

  4. lol - before I asked I googled "enol" and didn't find anything. I translated picos da europa with pictures of europe ... so much for my Portuguese ;-). Next time I will use google translate before I ask, I promise ... .

  5. Hello

    I came to visit to thank you for becoming a follower of PICTURES JUST PICTURES.

    You have some fantastic and dramatic photos here!


  6. Esas nieblas dan al lugar un misterio añadido.